Conquering Bedtime

One of the parenting difficulties I have been having is getting my youngest ones to go to bed without a battle. After a long day of trying to make ends meet, tucking your baby to sleep so that you can also rest and unwind is one thing that you really look forward to. However, this does not always happen and most parents find themselves being engaged in bedtime battles with their kids as they try to put them to sleep which is very frustrating and tiring. After being frustrated by such battles for a long time, I decided to look for tips to end the bedtime fights and I am happy because I conquered at last.


Here are some of those tips:


Start with the harder routines first

Mother and child holding toothbrush

Immediately the kids are done with their dinner, let them start doing the harder routine practices that prepare them for bed. Such routines include brushing their teeth, taking a shower and putting off their sleeping attire. Doing those routines early enough gives the kids enough time to enjoy their pre-bedtime fun activities and you and also helps them to start preparing psychologically for their bedtime.


Read a storybook together

Mother and daughter reading book in the library

Take your kids to a library and allow them to choose and explore new storybooks that excite them. Allowing them to choose the books themselves but of course, with a little bit of your guidance will excite them and they will look forward to reading them before their bedtime. When it is time to put the kid to bed, cuddle together in bed as you read their preferred stories. Once you are done with a particular books return them to the library and allow the kid to choose others.


Give them choices


Giving your kids some choices to choose from makes them feel that they have a role to play towards putting them to bed. Instead of imposing to kids on what they should do first, allow them to choose but give them the consequences of their choices so that you can still have some control over their choices.


Keep the lights dim


While a lot of lighting can disrupt your kids’ natural sleeping patterns, dim light stimulates the brain to produce melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for sleep. After the kids are done with their dinner allow them to take a hot shower and dim the bathroom lights and kip the lights of their bedrooms down too as they dress up for sleep. This helps them to relax and feel sleepy quickly.


Occasional treats


When the kids are done with their pre-bedtime rituals, occasionally treat them by involving them in watching a TV show or a movie. Dim the lights and keep the volume down to create a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Doing this while you have snuggled up together makes the kid fall into sleep without any battles


Play for them some soft soothing music


By doing this, you will be creating a good atmosphere for sleeping. You can allow the kids to choose their preferred music but ensure that it plays at a very low volume. You can sing along with the kid or read to them their favorite bedtime story.

Reasons to Vape

My husband has recently started vaping after being introduced to the new habit by his closest friend. I have found that he also enjoys his newfound habit very much and he prefers it to smoking since he claims that it is much healthier than smoking cigars. Previously, I did not have any experience with vaping until my husband recently started vaping. I was therefore very eager to learn more about vaping, and so I did some online research on the same.


Here are some of the reasons I found as to why many people are now enjoying vaping and why it can be considered a much healthier option.


It is a healthier way of getting your nicotine fix


Vaping can be likened with taking a fresh drink of water when you are very thirsty. This is the major reason why many people have resulted to vaping. Although vaping has not been proven to help people quit smoking, they have been proven to be a safer alternative of getting your nicotine fix.


The e-juices contain lower amounts of nicotine and unlike the traditional cigars that contain thousands of carcinogens, the e-juices contain healthier ingredients. A vaper can also choose the amount of nicotine he wants to ingest unlike in the traditional cigarettes where he does not have control over what he takes in.

E juice picture besides apple

There is less exposure to chemicals


The traditional tobacco cigarettes have been proven to contain thousands of chemicals with more than 60 of them being toxic and can cause cancer. These chemicals have adverse effects on the smoker’s health and many have even lost their lives courtesy of smoking. Vaping, on the other hand, contains only four chemicals since most of the vaping substances are derived from natural sources.


There is no foul odor

Woman covering her noise looking at the cigarette

One of the most irritating things with the traditional cigarettes is the foul odor they produce. It is even more irritating since the smoke stays for a very long time without fading away and anything they lay their hands on starts smelling of tobacco and tar.

Vaping, on the contrary, does not involve any combustion of chemicals and therefore no offensive odors are emitted. The smoke that is produced during vaping remains in the air for only a short while and in most cases, the smell is sweet since many e-liquids are flavored.


Vaping is eco-friendlier


Vaping does not produce toxic smoke or leave behind ashes. It does not involve lighting up like cigarettes and thus it there are no vaping related fires. This makes them kinder to the environment unlike the traditional cigarettes that release toxins to the environment through smoke and they are non-biodegradable.


No secondhand smoke


Smoking traditional cigarettes not only affects the person involved, but it also affects even the people around them through the smoke. The others who are not smoking are referred to as the secondary smokers since they inhale the smoke involuntarily.


This second-hand smoke also contains dangerous toxins that have the same adverse effects on the secondary smoker just as they do on the primary smoker, which is very unfair to non-smokers.  Vaping, on the other hand, does not generate second-hand smoke, which does not put at risk the health of the people around the vaper.